The Tidal Rum

A Taste of Holiday

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The Tidal Rum was born from a sea swim on St. Ouen's Bay in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Two friends with a shared relaxed, beach-life inspired outlook (both grew up by the coast) and passion for rum, The Tidal Rum’s Founders, wanted to encapsulate that ‘taste of holiday’. The answer came from the tides stretched out in front of them – a premium rum infused with Pepper Dulse.

The Tidal Rum


A unique flavour profile, achieved through a careful selection of premium Caribbean aged rums infused with a little-known seaweed, nicknamed ‘the truffle of the sea’.

The Pepper Dulse seaweed is carefully foraged by hand from one of the world’s largest tidal ranges – and Tidal Rum’s unique home – in Jersey, Channel Islands.